Monday, 10 September 2012


I’ve once again entered the Sydney to Wollongong bike ride which raises funds for MS Australia. This year, I’ve decided to step up the ante with my fund-raising, but I need your help. I will do dares / challenges / promotions for every dollar that you donate. To prove that I will actually go through with each challenge, I will post videos and photos on this blog.

There is a very serious side to this bike ride, the insidious disease, Multiple Sclerosis. This debilitating illness has touched my family closely as my Dad was diagnosed with it back in 2000.

Now, let’s get to making some money for this very worthy cause!

If you’d like to donate then please click here and enter your details, all donations are 100% tax deductible. Once you donate, I will get an email and will get stuck into accomplishing my assigned challenge and following it up with a video posted on Facebook!

Here is the list of challenges (please click on the amount you'd like to donate and follow the prompts):

Donate $5 - I will personally thank you on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as advertise your website, company or cause

Donate $10 - I will eat something without bending my elbows

Donate $25 - I will eat 4 raw eggs

Donate $50 - I will give you a massage for an hour, wash your car or mow your lawn

Donate $60 - I will give you 1 hour's worth of financial advice

Donate $75 - I will eat a can of dog food

Donate $100 - I will eat your choice of: a whole onion, lemon or any chilli that  you nominate (as long as I can buy it somewhere in Sydney)

Donate $125 - I will make a soup with 6 gross ingredients and eat the whole thing

Donate $150 - I will go without sleep for 24 hours

Donate $150 - Suggest your own challenge / dare

Donate $200 - I will take an ice bath for 5 minutes

Donate $250 - I will be your personal butler for 1 whole day

Donate $300 - I will only be able to spend $5 on food for a week (bin-diving allowed)

Donate $500 - I will get my legs, chest and back waxed

Donate $1000 - All of the above

If you’d like to suggest your own challenge then please post it here or make a comment below and mention how much you’re willing to donate for me to do it. No reasonable offer will be refused.

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